Hey! I have realised that I am incredibly bad at keeping a blog. Buuuut! I have broken up from Uni now for the Summer and feel that it's the best time to start at it again. I think I'll be more likely to blog if it's about recipes at the moment too as this is the only thing I do daily and it's always nice sharing the meals I cook. 

They're all over Instagram! 

Anyway, I am home looking after my mum for a week so I have taken up the role of 'personal chef' ha! I cooked us a pretty easy yet not completely boring brunch. A Potato Hash! I love cooking this, my favourite version is my curried potatoes. I didn't make that one today but I'm sure I'll get round to posted the recipe for that.

A few months a go I was at the Makers Market in Manchester and I stumbled upon the stall called Forresters. Salt & Spice Merchants. The gentleman behind the stall was very helpful and let us taste every flavour. They're super easy and some are made just to add a few spoonfuls of yoghurt to and voila you've got a lovely dip! The one I've used in this recipe is made for dips and I tried it once with the yoghurt and made a nice prawn, spinach and avocado sandwhich, was amazing. 

Now to the recipe!

I feel this recipe is super easy and can be changed in so many ways, as I mentioned before you can add spices to it to make it curried or add any of your favourite ingredients. Using leeks and mushrooms in this is great too with hollandaise sauce. Or! Poached eggs instead of fried. It's entirely up to you!

I hope you enjoy and if you end up making this you can tag me on Instagram so I can have a look!

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