I made this curry yesterday after stumbling upon it on the Internet when searching 'coconut milk currys' it's from the Tesco website and thought the ingredients were reasonable and not complicated like most curry recipes online. Especially being a student it's not really ideal to buy tons of different spices and ingredients that you might not use again!

I really enjoy cooking and since coming to uni I've been able to cook my own meals and experiment a bit with cooking. It's great! I have recently made the decision to become vegetarian too, it's been about 5-6 weeks since I decided to and i haven't once felt the need to cave in for chicken! (my weakness) but i must admit I had a moment the other week. I was in the harvester and you know how they have the free salad bar and it's always the same? Yeah well I went and did my usual round, adding potato salad, pasta, bacon bits, onion bits etc. Sit down at the table, look down and see all my potatoes covered in bacon bits and realised i'd made a mistake and forgotten. I asked my friend if bacon bits were vegetarian and they laughed. He then had to sit and watch me dust off all the bacon bits from my potatoes and yeah it was a pretty sad moment. Later I find out that bacon bits actually aren't always real bacon so can be suitable for veggies but you know, sad story right, reblog if u cri. 

But anyway, I've been doing good and looking for nice veggie meals has been fun! So hopefully i can start posting them here and making them more student friendly!

Recipe below!

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