When wrapping up Christmas presents this year I decided to use materials I wouldn't usually, Design Love Fest's wrap party post encouraged this also, as well as Minieco's 'shake it' confetti wrap! They were both pretty great ideas and thought I'd attempt to have a go myself! 

Most of the materials I used for this I already had at home, I think the only thing I had to buy was the Cellophane for the 'shake it' wrap. I had lots of scrap materials, I just can't seem to throw anything away because I have this feeling that I'll use it someday, the beginnings of a hoarder right here! Buut! I totally made use for it at last! Also old Christmas jarmies work perfectly too. 

Below is most of the things i used, if you don't have stamps like mine fear not, you could always make your own! Cutting shapes out of cardboard would do just fine or perhaps red polka dots with a lid could look good too! Improvise! I also printed out some pictures to attach to my presents, gives it a nice, personal touch I think! Also old Christmas ornaments are great to use as well!

With the handmade fabric wrap I just used this awesome stamped I picked up at Cloth Kits a while back and a red ink pad.  

You just simply stamp all over, you could use paint if you don't have ink pads! 

I love this kind of twine and I finally found a good use for it! Candy canes are also a good touch! 

I had a bunch of brown paper bags at home too, I customised them by hole punching hearts into them and by cutting out shapes of them. 

With the cut out bags it's just like making a paper snow flake, fold it in half and then fold it in half again

Then you can cut shapes out of them! Try to avoid cutting the base as it might rip!

With these old Christmas pyjamas I just used the legs, cut out the right size to be able to wrap the present and then all I had to do was Sellotape the sides up.

I added lace to finish this one! 

The cut out bag looks pretty cool when theres a gift inside!

Here's a confetti wrap I made before, I used coloured paper, as well as brown paper and silver tinsel!

With the 'shake it' wrap I thought it'd be better if I created little pouches and then wrapped the present as when you open it it'd be quite messy! Afterwards you'll be left with a little pouch of confetti too.

I cut the cellophane so it'd be big enough to make a pouch and then wrap the pre wrapped gift up. I then Sellotaped the sides together to make sure the confetti wouldn't fall out. 

I cut up pieces of scrap brown paper and hole punched some circles and hearts, cut pieces of twine and stole some tinsel off the Christmas tree, sorry mum! After i closed the pouch up with Sellotape and then wrapped the present with it.

Added some twine and voila! 'Shake it' wrap!

I attached old Christmas ornaments to some of the presents too

Printing out photos of you and the person you're wrapping the gift for is also a good touch too!

I had also made these little cards a while back by cutting out black card, clamping them together and then spraying the edges white. They remind me a bit of mini chalkboards! I thought they'd made cool gift tags!

And there you go! A few tips on present wrapping! If you try any of these, send me pictures! It'd be great to see!

Photos were taken by me