I thought I'd share some pictures of my bedroom on the blog today, for no particular reason really but I personally find it quite interesting to see peoples spaces, where they spend there time, where they get all creative and how they stay inspired just by their choice of decor, or maybe I'm just real nosey!

This is my little space! More pictures after the 'Read More'

I'm not obsessed really...

I have a thing for glass bottles and jars recently, I do not know why

I like to change this wall frequently, it keeps me inspired 

Bought these little geometric decorations from the Next Outlet Store and turned them into a little mobile, I'm glad I picked these up

A pot I made and a card by Alexander Girard


  1. ooooh I love your room, especially the catci/succulents (you can never have to many!)
    Your blog is great!! :)

    1. aww thanks! yes i've decided more is better with them, love the things!

  2. Hi! So I absolutely love you're blog first off and I was wondering how you got a domain on yours and also how you edited the theme. I started out a blogger this summer (radblawg.blogspot.com) and I really want to change the theme and make some changes with the font and things like that. Thanks and have a lovely day! - Liv