Gift Guide

So Christmas is soon approaching and well, lets face it we all get a little stuck when buying gifts for our loved ones, I sure do! It's mostly the guys I struggle with so I've decided to make a post primarily focusing on gifts for them! 

When stumbling across some of these products I've found myself wanting them too so this might help you out with both sexes! 

The design of these watches are simple and the colours they come in are very very nice! 

I love these little cable tacos they do! They have a lot more products on their site!

This is really clever, charge your iPhone from any USB port! It works with iPhone 5/5S, Lighting iPad, iPad Mini ! You can choose from the Charge Card or Charge Key

This site is great, it's filled with awesome gadgets for people that love taking photos!

Bolt is the smallest portable battery back up in the world which also has a built in wall charger!

Pencil is something I've been coming across a lot recently online, you can choose from Walnut or Graphite, I love this!

Handcrafted fragrance for men and women, you can order yourself a fitting kit so you can decide which fragrance is the right one for you! 

I love the design of this product and it's website! They do lots of other sets and extras!

All images are from the products site!

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  1. I know shopping for gifts for men can be difficult but this definitely helps! I would sort of love to get a few of these things... maybe...