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Hey, I feel super guilty for leaving it this long to post something! It's been way too long I think. Buuut! I've got a super post to make up for it.

This summer I've been working a lot and well sleeping, with the odd trip out to the seaside etc. I do have some photos I might post a bit later. I'm back to college now, 2nd year! Damn, I'm excited for this year and super motivated to get stuck in and come out of my comfort zone with my work. I've vowed to myself that I will try more by hand work and less Mac finished, I want to be on the same level with both and not just better at one. So more trying to draw, using materials and collages!

I thought I'd use this post as a catching up with where I am at the moment, what I'm enjoying, wearing, looking at and whats inspiring me. 

The top image is actually a font! I'm loving this a lot as it's great for backgrounds and things; it's called Melany Lane Patterns and it's free to download! 

More great things after the jump!

1. This dress is fab, I'm totally into oversized t-shirt dresses at the moment, over the summer I was totally rocking a plain navy one that my nan had made, so comfy! This one is from Zara (I'm liking Zara a bit too much recently and their statement necklaces are beautiful)

2. A poster by Nadia Taylor for Rosenstiel's Fine Art publishing, I'm so into blues and yellows recently so I love this!
3. Zipper Teeth Shop on Etsy have these awesome iron on patches, may have to purchase a couple of these to customise my Pink Kanken thats on its way! 

4. This black and white grid shift dress by Kertis on Etsy is beautiful! 
6 of my favourite artists right now

5. Caught Me Thinkin by Bahamas (their site is pretty cool too!)

6. In/Out by Dan Croll, I was told to listen to him by a friend a while back and I am so glad they did, I'm a big fan of this guy!

7. July Flame by Laura Veirs, my grandad sent me a newspaper clipping from the I newspaper a couple weeks ago and it had on it the art work of her new album because he thought i'd appreciate the piece, I did and I thought i'd give it a listen and now I cannot stop listening!

8. Think Of You by MS MR 

9. Do I Wanna Know and Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High by Arctic Monkeys (Duh! The new album is sounding pretty good)

helping me get through work and is such a chill out tune.

 11.  Work by Stephanie Specht, totally diggin' this girls work, especially her contributions to the wallpaper app for Mac and iPhone Kuvva!

12. These babies. Concepts x New Balance 998 “C-Note” Available here on the 14th of september!

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