Yesterday I realised that I hadn't actually sat and just made crafted or even worked on something that wasn't completely digital in a while and that's totally not like me! I love messing around with materials and seeing what wacky things I can create with any old thing just lying around so I thought I'd sit down and actually make use of the brightly coloured tissue paper I had just purchased! 

This DIY could've been way more easier than my how I approached it but if you're looking to kill time during the summer holidays with your littles or perhaps you have a lot of spare time to kill between projects or whatever then this is great! 

If you're looking to make these fast then I suggest prepping a net before hand!

Steps after the Read More!


- Cardboard (I used a shoe box as the sides were the perfect width and I have way too many lying about)
- A pen
- Twine/string (if you want to hang them!)
- Scissors 
- Duct tape
- Double sided tape or glue
- Letter outlines or a net, which ever you prefer!
- Tissue paper


- A Stanley knife/scalpel
- Cutting board
- Ruler 

(Using a scalpel and ruler will give you a straighter cut when cutting the cardboard and around the templates)

- Cut out your templates

- Draw around the template onto cardboard

- Make sure you've cut out two, one for the front and one for the back!

- After you've cut out your front and back you will need sides to form the box! Simply just measure out pieces of cardboard to fit around the letter shapes. You will need two of each.

- Once you've got all the pieces, stick them all together with duct tape, it really doesn't matter if it's neat or not, no body will see how you've put it together once it's covered!

- start to fold the sides upwards and tape them in place too!

- It will start to form a 3D letter!

- Like this!

- Next you have to make the tissue paper fringing! All you have to do is draw a guide a little bit away from the edge of the tissue paper sheets and then simply cut up towards your guide. 

- Then cut slightly above your slits so you have room to stick the fringing down.

- Heres the finished fringing!

- Use the double sided tape to attach the fringing to the box by wrapping it around

- Here is what it should look like half way through!
- Homemade Strawberry water making an appearance there, so good!

- When covering the inside bits simply go about it the same way as you would covering the fronts and sides but stick the fringing going the other way instead 

- I basically repeated all of the above steps to create the second letter. Cut all the all of the shapes I needed to form the box.

- Wrapped it in double sided tape, peeled it off and wrapped fringe around the box

And here are my final, very dodgy lookin', mini Piñatas! 

- You can also hang them up by either taping the twine/string to the Piñatas or piercing a couple of holes into them!

I hope you enjoy making these mini Piñatas as much as I did! They're great for everyday decoration or perfect for party decor too! 

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