Last Sunday I turned 17! I had a pretty nice, relaxed birthday with family and went out for a meal to Byron and this is a picture of their children's menu that is in fact brilliant! I actually sat and coloured this in yesterday, little lame but it was dead relaxing!

I have a box full of different coloured beads, all different sizes and shapes and I like to swap them around and make cute little necklaces to match my outfits sometimes. This is the one i threw together this morning for work!

My plant collection on my window ledge! I love it, I have quite a few succulents and cactuses in my collection and I hope to get more!
A very blurry picture of the books, magazines on my window ledge!
I haven't used a proper digital camera to take photos in such a long time, I'm always snapping away on my iPhone, I've missed it!
Photos taken by me on a Canon 60D