Hey! I haven't posted in a little while because I've been on holiday! I spent 9 days in France, St. Hilaire and it was lovely! It was a family holiday with a couple of close family friends too, was nice to see them and have a change of scenery. 

The first few days were great, really warm, so warm that we sat by the pool and I managed to get sunburnt on my arms, nose and head! When will I learn! Anyway, I took quite a few pictures whilst I was away, mostly buildings because the architecture there was beautiful  also the flowers, food and beaches were great too. 

Here are some of my holiday snaps!

Packing for holidays is always so hard for me, I just want to take my whole room! I did take tons of magazines though and actually got to sit and read them! Woo

Went to a French florist and it was so beautiful, cacti and pretty florals err' where

Sweet treats

The buildings were honestly so beautiful, I just wanted to photograph them all!

So I totally got my creme brûlée and moules mariner orn, favourite dishes!

The Design Student Hand Book from Computer Arts is actually so so helpful, I'm glad that I got to sit down and read this, even if it may have been the cause of my sunburn!

pool side!

One evening we decided to take a walk to the beach to watch the sunset, dead nice. 

me, mum and my little brother alfie

Ice cream with actual banana pieces in, heaven.

finally got to wear my summer clothes!

pool day!

We celebrated my mums birthday whilst we were there too. Brought some decorations to decorate the chalet we were staying in and was woken up by a very hyper mum, haha. 

I must admit my mum did good when picking out these shoes for me! Love them!

Visited a market and brought myself a new scarf, little bit in love!

Came across this magazine, Be Street, in a Super Marche too, the front cover caught my eye and it's filled with lots of good design and upcoming trends, good read!

new addition to my indoor plant collection!


You gotta have macaroons when in France, you just gots to

Visited a nice little village, they had cacti so I was happy


So darn pretty!

See what I mean about the architecture?! So cool

Sat by the pool in the cold just because 

Visited Utah Beach on the way to the Ferry Terminal

Couple of pictures from the terminal before we got onto the ferry home! Was sad to leave!

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