So lately I've picked up the annoying habit of having to justify everything I buy or want by creating an outfit based around that one item, I did it here. I really wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans and felt like I didn't have a real reason to actually purchase them but once I started looking around i found the shoes, and then the t-shirt and felt it would be a shame not to get them because the outfit would be too nice to miss out on, this is such a bad habit I know but in some ways it's a good thing, as it gives me an idea on how I would wear the item and if I would. 
Here I've created a little outfit with the shoes in mind, pastel pink Reebok classics. I know, an outfit isn't hard to conjure up based around these, most of the clothes I already own would suit em' but I stumbled upon the store COS and kinda, sorta fell in love too. 

Triangle bead necklace | Block-colour shirt dress | Pastel pink Reebok classics


  1. Eeeep, such cool Reeboks x


    1. They're nice aren't they! Can't wait to get mine x