iPhone cables are such a pain in the bum to keep looking nice, white and unbroken when you're forever moving them, carrying them around with you so I thought i'd try transform mine a bit, make it look all cute. And yes, an iphone cable can look cute!

All you will need is: 

- An iPhone cable, or any cable you wish to spruce up a bit!
- Coloured wool
- Scissors

I didn't photograph step by step as it's real easy!

All you have to do is start from the end you wish to start from, tie it to the cable and simply just wrap it around, the tighter the better, until you wish to change colour!

When you go to switch wool, knot the previous bit, cut it but do leave a little tail as its best to wrap the following bit of wool around the tail you left on the previous bit as that way it's more secure and is less likely to unravel! Also it makes it look much neater as you can see below! 

Once you've done those steps it's pretty much repeat until completely covered! I've used 4 colours but you can use more or less, perhaps even add some nice patterns in there!

There you go, you now have a nice lookin' cable! 


  1. This is sooo cute!
    Stops it breaking so easily to!

    Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com

    1. I know right! mine was totally on the verge of breaking but doing this means it'll last now! woo

  2. Ahh this is so cute, such a clever idea! :D

    Jade xx


  3. Oh how fun! Love the colors you used! I have like, three of these cables floating around and they're so stark! I can't wait to try this :)

    1. Thought i'd use my favourite colours and glad they looked nice together! You so should!