Today my mum passed her driving test and well as soon as me and my brother saw the news we thought "let's make a banner!" But no, no no that wasn't quite enough we thought! 

I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now and hadn't found the right occasion but finally! I got to ballon bomb someone! Mwaha.(sorry mama!) 

It's not hard to do at all, it's super fun and (hopefully) rewarding when you see the persons face! 

All you will need is a pack of balloons, a car and um, your head? Ha! You could even do it in a small room or fill a box with them perhaps! 

^ perhaps a car clean would've been more ideal

We started to blow the balloons up first and then work with them, it did take us a little while to figure out how to give the illusion that the car was completely full to the brim with balloons as we didn't have enough to do so but we accidentally discovered the solution! 



 We then started to rub the ballons against our heads and then pace them against the windows! Brilliant idea and the most effective ha!

 Be careful when getting out of the car though as the balloons love to escape! Who needs the gym when you can just chase balloons down the road, eh? 

Don't forget the antenna! 

^ mine and Jacks awesome banner of course, we aren't 5 I promise!

This is a great way to bring a smile to someones face whether it be for their birthday, any other special occasion or perhaps you just want to bring a little fun into someones life!

Well done mum, we're so so proud of you and hope you love your slightly un-practical surprise!

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