I am forever coming across amazing homes when reading blogs, reblogging things on tumblr and reading magazines, which means I am always in awe of the lucky people that get to live in them, style them and well, get to actually step foot into them! 

Here are some photos I have come across today:

As much as I love all white rooms, white flooring, white walls and all that, I am dying to introduce a chalk wall into my room. I'd only thought about black but when I came across the chalk wall above, I am seriously considering green! I also need more green plants in my life, I've started a little collection but it's very small at the moment.

image 1 was found on Tumblr with no source, sadly | image 2 | image 3
Wooden floors, white walls, simple furniture and bursts of colour, four of my favourite things. Loving the bright yellow signature wall in image six! I also like how the art work is framed and placed on the wall in image five, I so need to frame some prints!

I'm so in love with that light in image seven, really into pendant lamps recently. The seating in images eight & nine are great, as is this Bjornloka Ruta bedding from Ikea!

image 7 | image 8 was found on Tumblr with no source | image 9 | image 10

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