I'm pretty much always on Tumblr and forever reblogging images that inspire/interest me! These images i've picked out from my blogs archive are pretty much my faves right now! There are so many lovely pictures I have reblogged but these, these are really something!
The image of the shelves and magazines is kind of the main inspo for my new addition to my room, view it here, I brought the shelf from Ikea and was given the design magazines by my buddy Carlos from college, so so grateful! 

I'm so in love with the flower picture above by Ren Rox, my love for florals is growing!

Also diggin' the colours yellow and orange and prettycolors recent swatches
That tattoo is also pretty awesome! I really  want a tattoo but hadn't found something that 'wowed' me enough but I came across this image today and realised an ampersand would be perfect, as it means something to me too, in either a scripted typeface or something retro lookin' like this typeface! I have no idea who took this picture as, annoyingly, there wasn't a source on Tumblr!

I've always loved baking, cake decorating and just making sweet treats so when I see pictures of amazing cakes like this I have to pin it to my baking inspiration board on pinterest and finally I get to put that board to good use! My nan and granddads 50th wedding anniversary is coming up and they're having a party, my nan wants my help with making the cake and I have so many ideas for it! This image is from Greatfoodphotos

I'm so into hand lettering recently but unfortunately I'm no good at it! I'd love to take a class in calligraphy also. I found this photo on Tumblr with no source, sadly! 

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