I have recently come across the sites Want Worthy and Hukkster both  are super helpful and ideal for someone that is forever online shopping, bookmarking sites, images and loosing track of them all, like me! I am definitely obsessed with these sites and have now found a new distraction from doing college work, oops.


Love shopping or perhaps even just window shopping online? If so this is the perfect for you! Want Worthy is a clever site that allows you to drag their button 'WANT +' to your bookmarks bar and click on it whenever you're on a site, see something that you want to buy and don't want to forget. It adds the item to categories that you've made so you can refer back to them when you want to buy them, it also automatically puts the item into a genre for you, for example if i saved some plates it would go into the 'home' genre.

It's a nicer and easier way to create your ideal want list, so family/friends if you're stuck on a birthday gift for me come July you know what to check ya'll!


Do you feel like you're forever missing out on sales in your favorite stores or on the items you love but just can't afford? Yeah? well heres a site that helps you avoid that problem! Hukkster is a website that allows you to, again, add the bookmark button "Hukk it' to your bookmarks bar and when you find an item that you love but is a little too out of your price range at the moment simple just click the button and it'll add it to your 'Hukks' and when the item goes on sale you'll get an email or text to inform you about it! Hukkster works with most online stores, it even has a page for you to browse their featured stores. ASOS, GAP and Amazon are included in the long list too!


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