THE 411

Hey! I haven't posted in a litte while, I've been quite busy! Last week I had a project deadline so I had to get that done, the project was called Portobello Packaging and I managed to come out with 3/3 distinctions and I'm rather happy about that! Heres a couple bits from the project:

final ideas for the drinks packaging

an extension task on what I'd have liked the inside of the take out place to look like

On the weekend I worked, well, I'm on a work trial for a crazy golf place, I'm not sure if I have the job yet seen as I have this weekend to do too so fingers crossed! I really like it there.

I also have another project deadline next week, I have to produce a Brand Book for the above project which I'm pretty stoked about. It's weird to think that my first year of college is almost nearly over too! Strange stuff. 

So that's what has gone down with me recently! I hope you have had a good, productive week too! 

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