Sometimes we all have those moments when we're constantly being critical towards our work, out of inspiration or just struggling to be productive and well just feel to say that you 'give up', some more frequently than others but I can certainly say I've been feelin' it lately, whether it's with my college work, personal projects or work for others. 
It's not that i'm uninspired, i always have ideas popping into my head but i think for me it's more about the not being properly organised which is causing it to be pretty stressful and especially when you've got tons to do! 

I'm good at making lists to stay on top but i'm constantly misplacing them so lately I've been trying to find certain apps for my devices, websites or even special notepads to help me stay on top of things and well to just make sure all of my ideas/to-do lists are all in one place. here are a couple of things that have been helping me stay inspired and organised:

1. Number one has got to be Tumblr, I've had my blog on there for about 4 years now and i think it's a great way to document your favourite pictures, designers and quotes. I always reference back to my blogs archive when i'm doing a project for inspiration.

2. Pinterest is also another great website for holding things you come across on the internet that interests/inspires you. You can create boards to separate your finds, for example my boards vary from design to lighting and I even have a board containing my favourite pairs of trainers!

3. I recently installed an app called Catch onto my iPhone, it allows you to create customisable folders for pretty much anything you want to remember. for example I have a folder called 'College to-do' and inside the folder it gives you the options to create checklists (perfect for those to-do lists), upload images, set reminders, record voice memos or simply just write a little note. There are plenty of other apps like this to help keep you organised and productive such as Evernote, Listly and even the default apps Notes and Reminders on Apple devices are helpful too. 

4. Last but not least the good old notebook! I have tons of them, filled with doodles, to-do's, reminders, thumbnails of project ideas etc. I'm forever jotting down ideas in my notebooks, i've started to do it more because my college encourage us to document our ideas and influences. Sometimes I'll be sat on the train home  after a day at college and randomly ideas will pop into my head and i'd hate to forget them so i'll draw little diagrams in my notebook. I think it's something you should always have on hand when you're out and about! The brown notebook below actually has colour co-ordinated sections in which i've assigned my different classes to, it's helpful for when you're expected to write a lot of notes in your classes, meetings etc.

image from my instagram
screenshots from my tumblr archive, pinterest and iPhone


  1. Everyone's talking about Pinterest, I don't understand what it is.



    1. I didn't get it at first either! But once I started using it I realised that it's actually super helpful! It's an easy way to store all of your finds when browsing the web, like if you see something that like you simply click 'pin it' and you can put it into a category for that certain thing. It's easier than just bookmarking things because you can go back and find them easily when you need to refer back to it.

      I've probably just confused you more haha, but give it a try! x