I come across a lot of online shops (I have tons of them bookmarked!) but this store in particular I always find myself coming across again and again and boy, do I fall in love with it every single time!

 Baba Souk is a lovely online boutique filled with some of the creators own designs, cute handmade finds which showcases & promotes other indie designers out there! 

Below Ive picked out a few of my colourful and quirky favourites from the store:

1. The Lady Bug Baba Pillow 2. The SIRYN Necklace, all of the necklaces are to die for, for serious! 3. The Basket With Pom Poms 4. The Ethnic Shoe Bow 5. The Ethnic Peter Pan Collar 6. The Little Zebra Beading Bracelet, I'm in love with all of the Bling Bling section on the site!

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