This little brown bag planter DIY pretty much came to me earlier when i saw some of these bags online,  I thought "daaaamn, those are pricey, i'll make my own!" I had my own brown bags upstairs and thought I'd give it a go and voila I think they turned out pretty nicely. These are super easy to make and can be decorated however you like!
- a simple paper bag (any colour, design, to save time you could even look for them without handles)
- paint (or markers)
- paintbrush
- a plant (if you want to use it as a planter that is)

- the first step is to simply remove the handles, you could keep them and re-attach later 

- open the bag out straight so you can get a feel for how you'd like to start folding. to make it easier you could tear one corner

- then start folding over the sides, do it a bit at a time if you'd like to get a nice evenly balanced turn over

- flatten down the first fold, the bag might rip a bit but no biggie!

- for your next fold you can make them less flatter, more fuller, it doesn't matter, just keep folding until you get your ideal height. 

- you can leave it plain or decorate it, either way i think they look pretty sweet. 

- i decided to paint white polka dots on mine!

- very messy polka dots at that!

finito! sweet lookin' planters or just nice storage bags without spending big bucks!

photos taken by me

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