Hey! My name is Bethany Baker, I'm a 16 year old graphic design student from London/England. I am a lover of Penguins, cactuses, all things crafty and this is my lifestyle/DIY blog,
 Merry | Make | Do!

I started this blog in hope that it will help keep me inspired and motivated, It includes everything that encourages me, catches my eye, inspires and makes me happy! The meaning behind the name is pretty much that feeling I get when i'm making and doing things and like my nan once said to me, "I'm not happy unless I'm doing something creative!" 

I'm currently at College, I'm loving it so far. I think I've finally found something worth sticking to! I'm always looking to learn new things and it's exciting when you realise how you've progressed and that's exactly what I am doing, progressing; I love it! So this blog is my way of showing that.

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