So today I thought I'd do my first DIY post, i wanted to do it on pom poms because lately people have been asking me how i make them. This is how i remember getting taught by my grandmother. I love making these, they're dead cute, I've made tons! You can easily get hooked on making them because they're super easy to do and it's somewhat relaxing too! 

things you'll need:

- wool! the most important thing (it doesn't matter what    colour)
- scissors
- two different sized circular objects to draw around, one big and one small
- cardboard, the thicker the better!
- a pen

- on the cardboard draw around the biggest circular object and then inside of that use the smaller object to draw another circle. it's better to have a much smaller hole in the middle otherwise you'll be threading the wool through all day!

- cut around the outer circle and then cut out the inner circle, what you'll have is a piece of cardboard that looks like a doughnut, repeat that for the second piece of cardboard too.

- when it comes to threading the wool through the inner circle it's best to make a smaller ball of wool as it'll be easier to poke it through the middle.

- put the two pieces of cardboard together, take one end of the wool and tie them together.

- once you've got them attached, hold the knot still and start to thread the wool through the middle and back out again, keep repeating that and you'll start to cover the cardboard, the tighter you make it the fuller your pom pom will be! keep repeating this step until you've filled the center circle (so you can't thread any more wool through.)

- next, make an opening for the scissors to go through, do that by sliding some wool over so you can see the cardboard.

- put the scissors in between the pieces of cardboard and start to cut the wool, it'll start to ping back so make sure you place your thumb over the center hole. 

- once you've cut all the way around take the two pieces of card board and separate them a little.

- take another piece of wool (strong string or even ribbon!) and wrap it around the middle, knot it a couple of times this is so your pom pom won't fall a part. 

- cut off the pieces of cardboard or if you want to keep the cardboard cutouts for another time simply pull them out from the wool and then you can reuse them! be careful not to pull the wool out from the fastening you just made though.

- now you can give your pom pom a haircut! simply just trim any pieces of wool that stick out. they can look good messy too!

and voila! you should have a pom pom that looks something like this!

there are other ways to make pom poms too, i invested in a couple of pom pom makers recently, they're handy if you want to make more pom poms in a short amount of time. 


  1. got there before me! I love making pom poms! What camera do you use. Im in dire need for a good/cheap one x

    1. Same! I just feel like making tons more now aha. The first picture was taken with a Canon 60D but the rest were literally just taken on my iPhone 4s! x