Another dinner that I hadn't cooked before! Although I'm a pescatarian I rarely eat fish but recently I've been really hooked on prawns, I thought i'd have a break from them and try salmon! For something so delicious it was so simple! I would definitely cook this again. I do love cooking curries, they're probably my favourite thing to cook when I haven't actually got anything in the house that sounds like it would make a good meal. I hope you enjoy this one and make it yourselves!



Hey! I have realised that I am incredibly bad at keeping a blog. Buuuut! I have broken up from Uni now for the Summer and feel that it's the best time to start at it again. I think I'll be more likely to blog if it's about recipes at the moment too as this is the only thing I do daily and it's always nice sharing the meals I cook. 

They're all over Instagram! 

Anyway, I am home looking after my mum for a week so I have taken up the role of 'personal chef' ha! I cooked us a pretty easy yet not completely boring brunch. A Potato Hash! I love cooking this, my favourite version is my curried potatoes. I didn't make that one today but I'm sure I'll get round to posted the recipe for that.

A few months a go I was at the Makers Market in Manchester and I stumbled upon the stall called Forresters. Salt & Spice Merchants. The gentleman behind the stall was very helpful and let us taste every flavour. They're super easy and some are made just to add a few spoonfuls of yoghurt to and voila you've got a lovely dip! The one I've used in this recipe is made for dips and I tried it once with the yoghurt and made a nice prawn, spinach and avocado sandwhich, was amazing. 

Now to the recipe!



I made this curry yesterday after stumbling upon it on the Internet when searching 'coconut milk currys' it's from the Tesco website and thought the ingredients were reasonable and not complicated like most curry recipes online. Especially being a student it's not really ideal to buy tons of different spices and ingredients that you might not use again!

I really enjoy cooking and since coming to uni I've been able to cook my own meals and experiment a bit with cooking. It's great! I have recently made the decision to become vegetarian too, it's been about 5-6 weeks since I decided to and i haven't once felt the need to cave in for chicken! (my weakness) but i must admit I had a moment the other week. I was in the harvester and you know how they have the free salad bar and it's always the same? Yeah well I went and did my usual round, adding potato salad, pasta, bacon bits, onion bits etc. Sit down at the table, look down and see all my potatoes covered in bacon bits and realised i'd made a mistake and forgotten. I asked my friend if bacon bits were vegetarian and they laughed. He then had to sit and watch me dust off all the bacon bits from my potatoes and yeah it was a pretty sad moment. Later I find out that bacon bits actually aren't always real bacon so can be suitable for veggies but you know, sad story right, reblog if u cri. 

But anyway, I've been doing good and looking for nice veggie meals has been fun! So hopefully i can start posting them here and making them more student friendly!

Recipe below!


THE 411

Woah! I must admit, it's been a while since I've posted here on Merry Make Do! Way too long! So much has changed! 

I graduated college last summer, obtaining a D*D*D* grade which I'm super proud of, missing it way too much right now though! I turned 18 and had the sweetest birthday bash I could've ever asked for, I may just make a post about it later on! I also moved to Manchester in September to start University at MMU! Scary stuff! But I'm so glad I did it! My course is pretty great, I've met some lovely people and getting to explore a new city is super exciting!

It's weird to think that I'm almost finished my first year here! Time seriously goes so fast at Uni, it's crazy! In the summer I will be moving into a great house with 6 of my buddies, I'm so so excited! Especially as I get to make yet another room mine!

More after the Jump! 



I thought I'd share some pictures of my bedroom on the blog today, for no particular reason really but I personally find it quite interesting to see peoples spaces, where they spend there time, where they get all creative and how they stay inspired just by their choice of decor, or maybe I'm just real nosey!

This is my little space! More pictures after the 'Read More'



Recently on Tumblr I've been asking people to suggest me things to draw on illustrator, I felt that it'd be a great way to improve my pen tool skills and get talking to my followers! 

I've really enjoyed doing it and I've surprised myself with how I approached them. Giving myself a time limit has also been good too. My drawing style at the moment is all over the place but by doing this I feel I'm starting to find my strengths and these little challenges have definitely done me some good!

The illustration above is a 'Squids Tentacle', I was asked to draw quite a variety of things, some slightly strange yet some suggestions were fairly normal!

There are a couple more if you click 'read more'



When wrapping up Christmas presents this year I decided to use materials I wouldn't usually, Design Love Fest's wrap party post encouraged this also, as well as Minieco's 'shake it' confetti wrap! They were both pretty great ideas and thought I'd attempt to have a go myself! 

Most of the materials I used for this I already had at home, I think the only thing I had to buy was the Cellophane for the 'shake it' wrap. I had lots of scrap materials, I just can't seem to throw anything away because I have this feeling that I'll use it someday, the beginnings of a hoarder right here! Buut! I totally made use for it at last! Also old Christmas jarmies work perfectly too.